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In his role as a Strategy consultant at Protaurius AB I can highly recommend Leo on his excellent work! His creativity, thoughtfulness and business minded approach served to develop our strategic plans on many levels. Leo planned, executed and documented the work with perfect quality....

Johan Söderberg, VD Protaurius, Göteborg

The Business Plan that Execute Management produced with us, became concrete and clear, which made it directly applicable by our salesforce.

Stefan Jern, VD Flexenclosure, Lidköping

My inspiring and dynamic talks with Leo have primarily offered me practical solutions for intricate problems, but also inspiration and energy to "go that extra mile ...."

Bertil Sjösvärd; MD Mountain Horse, Vallda

We needed a person that would help the company to survive. We made the turn-around and sold the company to a new owner and increased the value of the company with more than 6 MEuro. We had never succeeded without Leo as change agent in the role of VP/Director Sales & Marketing.

Karl-Heinz Klaus; President Powerwave Microwave Sweden AB, Göteborg

Leo is a true "change agent within a firm" - his energy and positivism in combination with a large portion of empowerment can contribute to increased shareholder value and focus.

Anders Manfred; Marketing & Sales Director, Helge-Nyberg AB, Ulricehamn

Leo de Meere is a real professional that brings leadership and energy into the organization. He is a charismatic person that motivates others to perform better.

Anders Ammilon, Director Quality Assurance, Allgon Microwave AB, Göteborg

Leo de Meere is a person with strong drive and ability to motivate and create a good and constructive spirit within a team. This together with integrity, ability to prioritize and a high level of professionalism makes Leo an excellent leader and manager.

Patrik Lieberman, Sourcing Area Manager, Ericsson AB, Stockholm

The help we have received from EXECUTE management to focus on sales and business have been invaluable in the development of our company.

Andreas Krona, founder/owner NewInCom, Göteborg

Leo de Meere is enthusiastic, analytic and really get things done. His winning manners, often with a smile or a laugh, makes it a pleasure working with him. I recommend Leo as an Interim Manager whenever there is a need for change and positive development.”

Carl-Magnus Hedin, Communication Manager, Nobel Biocare, Göteborg