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An MD/leader role can be lonely. Use a sparring partner.


There are few people one can have a true business talk with, without them being involved.


The chairman or other board members are the natural sparring partners, but there is always that formal relation.

Practically the same is true for employees, suppliers and customers, and even other business friends – the world can easily be ”too small” to our liking.

One can share happiness and sorrow with near and dear ones, but they do not necessarily have a natural sense of business logic (or liking for it).

EXECUTE has business logic as an important part of the professional competence, with good international business experience and understanding, and even a high EQ.

To use EXECUTE as sparring partner in eye to eye talks can prove to be very valuable for the company and its future. It allows the MD to “hear my own words” and add checks and balances before speaking them in real life; it brings new ideas, possibly from other business environments; it normally enhances the execution power of the leader in the direct future.

EXECUTE always acts with high integrity and secrecy.

Call us for a talk about Executive Sparring!

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